Thinking Back…

As I type this, I’m thinking back to the fun I’ve had this past term shooting all the lovely National Trust sites that England has to offer. I’ve done so much in such a short time, and it feels as though my camera has never been so busy. I’ve never been the most confident photographer, and am the most guilty person of judging my own work and comparing it to others.

Over this past term, I’ve tried to stalk deer to get a photo, watched goslings strut past me as the parent geese stare me down, lay next to a river to try and get photos of ducklings, explored National Trust areas and spent money buying pens and fudge, walked many steps around these places, gotten my shoes dirty, travelled by bus and car to get to these places, and most importantly, gone outside of my comfort zone.

I have loved this project, and I’m really glad that I got to do it. I think it’s made me grow more as a photographer and person.

© Layla Abby
© Layla Abby

3 thoughts on “Thinking Back…

      1. I’m the same, except with pencils as I like to write with them! My last buy was a pencil topped with a metal triceratops from the Natural History Museum in Oxford. And my boyfriend bought fudge!

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