Idris + Tony

Breaking Stereotypes of Asian Men

This morning, I read an interesting article about some photos taken by Idris + Tony, a New York photography duo. The project, named Perusian, focuses on breaking the stereotypes of Asian men in society and popular culture – which Tony Craig (Tony of Idris + Tony), says is  ”never the object of desire – always ‘just a friend’”. The idea of the project was to show Asian men as quite manly and attractive – instead of being pictures as a stereotype.

I really liked the Perusian project – especially as it is something which is still happening in creative industries. I feel there is a lot more favour of white models, instead of models of different races and cultures.

Here is the article I read – it has given me inspiration to try and use a lot more models of different races. It has also made me realise that this is a problem that not only focuses on the fashion industry, but also the photography industry. I would imagine as a model you may feel quite daunted if all that was on the runway or in fashion magazines were skinny, white women – depicting a certain ‘look’.

The industry has certainly started to see change with different races of models being used, but this is still such a small percentage – and is sometimes used as part of a themed runway on a fashion show, or a certain type of clothing to be advertised.


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