Hey there, lovely followers!! The time has come – I’m finally at a point in the #REAL project where I’m able to share my images with you all! I’m incredibly pleased with it so far, although I know I have a long way to go in terms of personal style. I’m definitely hoping to continue … More #REAL

SKIN – Final Photos

I recently finished my SKIN project – which highlighted imperfections, scars, birth marks and many more on the skin. I thoroughly loved shooting this project, and getting the personal thoughts from the people I photographed. The subjects ranged from operation scars to freckle lovers, and I managed to get a great understanding from everyone involved … More SKIN – Final Photos

Dubarry Footwear

During the summer, I took up a short internship with a graphic design company, Guy Cracknell Graphic Design. The few days I was there were incredibly helpful for me to grow as a creative person, and to understand what sort of work went on in the Graphics industry. One day of the internship had me taking … More Dubarry Footwear